November update from the Board president

The board meeting in October had fortunate timing…several members enjoyed the Stewardship Wine (and sparkling cider) & Cheese reception that was held just before our meeting. It was all focused on celebrating those who have already made a pledge of support for the upcoming 2012 Standing Together operating year. Thank you Cheryl Fowler, Laura Geiger-Reed and Mike Reed for a special event!

It was such a lovely gathering filled with stories, laughter and caring. The sense of community can be heard, seen and felt all around our Meridian home these days. It was common that night to hear people saying how grateful they were for the sense of belonging they feel here…how welcome they feel. If you haven’t been to a Community Building activity yet and but don’t know what might be available please contact Cheryl or Laura.

The community spirit of the gathering carried into the board meeting and we had another productive session as your governing board. A real focus right now is on assuring “the basics” at the church are well supported by the Board. It’s critical for our sustained success but I’ll admit, not necessarily exciting work. You know, it is always more invigorating to make plans to build a house, argue with the contractor and celebrate by moving in. Then comes the regular maintenance, paint touch-ups and running the sweeper. Kinda boring at times but necessary…and it still gives you a workout.

So we manage to keep things lively and interesting…even during months of calm contemplation. Last meeting included…

  • Board & minister covenants – Ed Bowen and Rev. Charlie are drafting new documents for consideration next month. The goal is for the covenant and responsibilities list to better communicate our intentions, thus becoming a key resource for new board members (and those of us who need a refresher periodically!)
  • Committee membership & formation – we continue to give time & focus to matching church committee needs with talented members/friends. We’re pleased that a public relations team is forming with special emphasis on social media such as the website. And the Safety and Emergency Preparedness Team formed just two months ago is making exemplary progress. Thank you Sheila Garrett, Amy French, Robin Poindexter, Jackie Sloss, Sherry Tripodi & Noemi Ybarra! You’ll hear more from them about how we can all participate in creating and maintaining a safe gathering space. Beth Misner is getting the Service Auction team going (yeah) and we’re funneling names to her as well so the work is evened out and fun!
  • Financial picture – we’re staying tuned into our income and expenses. We know that the end of the year often brings pledge payments that catch us up from the slower summer season. We have our eye on it :).
  • Leadership – we’re pleased to begin work with Nominating Committee Chair, Christine Schertz and committee members Mark VanMeeter and Joan Marshall to update board job descriptions and talk about leadership development needs. It’s critical that we accurately describe our “jobs” while offering opportunities for members to develop the skills and knowledge to step into leadership roles when the time is right for her/him and the church. Being in a leadership role is its own type of ministry and can be an amazing part of the spiritual journey.

Please know you can join us at a board meeting anytime. Our next meeting is Tues. November 15th at 6:30 pm – Rm. 101/103 at UUC.

— Suzan Windnagel


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