December update from the Board President

December 2011

I wish to thank our trustees for effectively pushing through a packed agenda at our November board meeting. It is a very dedicated group and our membership can be proud of the vote of confidence given to these members to carry out the policy governance work of our beloved congregation. So hats off to our trustees: Jerry Hunley, Dorothy Hughes,
Cindy Gerlach, Ed Bowen, Mary Finley, Steve Hoffmann, Gale Charlotte and Ellen Gruenbaum.

Some of the action items in November included:

  • Congregational Systems Inventory – supported the recommendation from the Committee on Ministry (COM) to conduct an inventory that will assess seven key areas of our congregation: strategy, authority, process, pastoral leadership, relatedness, lay leadership and learning. Special thanks to Robin Poindexter, Noemi Ybarra and Gary Fowler from COM for presenting and answering inquiries at the board meeting.
  • Endowment Matching Campaign – extended support to the Endowment Committee to apply for participation in a new Community Foundation Agency Matching campaign. Meant to be kicked off in early 2012, the Community Foundation will be matching “new” endowment contributions….. for every $4 raised in new gifts the foundation will match $1. Thanks to Cheryl Fowler and Janice Kritchevsky for assuring our congregation is being considered.
  • Stewardship Campaign 2012 – endorsed the continuation of the pledge drive in order to reach for additional pledges to meet our campaign goal of $246, 665. This pledge goal is 20% higher than last year…and truly reflects the funds needed to carry out our mission. There is “no fluff” in the proposed budget and no reliance on savings to meet short-falls so adjustments to match a lower campaign total would be painful.

So if you haven’t had the chance to make a pledge yet…do so now…it’s never too late to make a contribution. And if you can add to a pledge already made….do so now. There are pledge cards in the church office with Karin Bergman or contact Cheryl Fowler at or 765-427-5531 or Laura Geiger-Reed at or 765-838-0339.

It’s an exciting time for us…we’re making a difference in the lives of youth, our community and our world…so let’s dig deep and commit the resources needed for continuing the important work of bringing liberal religious services, education and voice to our community. Let’s do it “Standing Together.”

— Suzan Windnagel


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