Volunteer to help at Creation Care Workshop, June 9!

Help us out by volunteering at the June 9 Creation Care workshop.  Please register here. Contact Rae Schnapp with questions.

Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light invites teams or individuals from Lafayette area churches to join us in a workshop to explore how our congregations can become more engaged in ministry to protect the planet.

This workshop is designed to engage people from different congregations in creation care ministry. The following topics will be addressed:

* The Faith Basis for Creation Care or Earth Stewardship. What do the various faith traditions say about our relationship with the Earth? How is stewardship of the earth related to social justice and ministry to the poor?

* The Science of Global Warming. What evidence is there that anything is wrong, and that our actions can make a difference?

* Tools and Resources. What are some effective ways to engage congregations in reducing energy use?

* Goals and Plans. What is it we intend to accomplish, in our own homes, in our congregations, and in our community as a whole?

* Strengths and Obstacles. What strengths do we bring to this work? What obstacles threaten to stop us? How can we overcome them?

Workshops are open to people of all denominations, ages and levels of knowledge. We hope to have teams from at least 10 area churches in attendance. These teams will then work together to lead our congregations and our community in earth stewardship.

If you would like to help with planning the workshop and getting the word out to other churches, please contact:

  • Bill Welge (oxygenphilosophy@gmail.com 765-409-3896) or
  • Rae Schnapp (raeschnapp@gmail.com or 765-714-4829).

Thank you!


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