From the board president…

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if our community didn’t have a UU presence in our area? It makes me shudder…bhhrhrhrhrhrhrh.

All that we are today has grown out of the dreams and actions of a small group of tenacious people who came before us. Did you know our history spans over 62 years? And that some of our members have been a part of this congregation for at least 50 years? The stories they can tell!

In reviewing a brief written history of our congregation on the UU website recently, it was especially moving to read this portion:“Throughout the ups and downs that punctuated our congregation’s early development, several themes come through clearly: the themes of dedication to the principles of Unitarian Universalism, commitment to each other as a congregation, and a vision for the future. The intensely human stories of conflict, courage, steadfastness, dissent, inspired leadership, and joy and loss, which could leaven this account, must be heard or read elsewhere. We invite you to…become an active partner in the life of our congregation.”

At the board level we are definitely working to pay close attention to the needs of this growing community envisioned by our founders. To that end, during our April meeting we had excellent discussion around areas of strategic planning, the nomination of future trustees, and provided feedback and encouragement around the wonderful gains we are making in youth religious education. Rev. Charlie began a conversation with us about Sunday services and elements of change that would result in increased attendance and engagement. Certainly this discussion will continue.

Coming months will also find the trustees…and all of us…involved in a midyear, more in-depth discussion about sources for the financial means required to support our community, from the day-to-day basics, to the reserves we should have to manage change (expected and unexpected). A bit of that discussion starts with the financial chart offered by the finance committee on page 13 of the May Lighted Chalice.

Twelve people became members of our congregation in the past year and others join us as friends and visitors every week. UUC was here with open doors and welcoming voices to offer a supportive, invigorating home. This truly results from the vision of those who started this congregation years ago plus the dedication and commitment we’ve each offered over the ensuing years.

In gratitude that UUC is here…thanks to us all,
Suzan Windnagel
President, Board of Trustees


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