The end of a second year

Tippecanoe County is my home. In May of 2010 this congregation called me to be their settled minister. The responsibility of learning to minister to a whole new congregation is a bit unsettling.

The first year the focus was on solidifying this congregation’s commitment to being a healthy community where we listen to each other with respect. Conflicts will always arise, but when they do so in the context of a loving community, they can become a catalyst for deeper understanding and hopeful action.

In our first year together we felt the void of having no Director of Religious Education. This second year, Sheila Garrett has become a welcome and vital addition to the mission of this congregation. Things are starting to gel. The All-Church Wabash River Project is an example of the synergy of worship, religious education and social justice.

The tentative time of testing the waters has come to an end. I think that we are now “feeling at home” with each other. We are ready to move. This spring has brought a blossoming of activity. We are learning about who we are and how we want to interact with the community. We are poised to welcome and integrate new members. We are home to all who seek to live a life of integrity and explore ways to heal the world.

When we have confidence in our faith community we are better able to share its blessings. We have meaningful work to do. Let us invite others into our spiritual home. May we be a refuge for the oppressed. When we give each other a place to belong, it makes us strong. It gives us courage to make the world a more inviting place. May our church be a model of how we want the world to be.

Rev. Charlie Davis


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