Congratulations to the newly elected Board officers!

We had a congregational meeting on Sunday May 20 after service.  Newly elected officers and committee members include:

  • Mark Van Meeter, Board President-Elect (joining Cindy Gerlach as president and Suzan Windnagel as Immediate Past President; Mary Finley is exiting her post as Immediate Past President)
  • Kirsten Reynolds, Treasurer (replacing Gale Charlotte, who was completing Bill Kannel’s term; Stephen Hoffmann, assistant treasurer is continuing)
  • Dorothy Hughes, Secretary (continuing)
  • Sherry Tripodi, Trustee (replacing Ellen Gruenbaum, joining Ed Bowen and Jerry Hunley as trustees)
  • Nominating Committee: Bob Rode (2 yrs), Gary Fowler (2 yrs), Amanda Estes (1 yr), Joan Marshall (Christine Schertz, chair, is exiting)
  • Endowment Committee: Amy French (joining Janice Kritchevsky, chair, Suzan Windnagel, Jackie Sloss, Kirsten Reynolds, Laura Geiger Reed; (Gale Charlotte, Keith Brown, and Mary Finley exiting)

We also discussed then tabled a proposed revision to the endowment bylaws.  Many thanks to outgoing Officers and Committee members, and congratulations to those incoming!


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