Greater Lafayette Unitarian Universalist (GLUU) Hogwarts Camp!

~~GLUU Hogwarts Camp~~

Who: Kids entering K through 6th grade (volunteer opps for middle & high school teens)

When: August 6-8 5-8:30 pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, Greater Lafayette

Cost: $50.

Registration: (available soon)
Deadline: July, Friday 13th

An opportunity to live the Harry Potter fantasy!

  • Visit Diagon Alley to make your own Magic Supplies, like your own personalized wand & magical hat.
  • Be sorted into one of our three fabulous houses (Phoenixfire, Windhorse, or Stonedragon).
  • Work together with your house to grow together based on Peace, Love, & Understanding.
  • Learn healthy competition through Quidditch, a Harry Potter Knowledge Bowl & the House Cup competition.
  • Take exciting Classes: Transfiguration (cooking), Charms (art), Magical Forces (science), Incantations (music), & more!

For more info or to register contact Sheila Garrett, Director of Religious Exploration at or 765-743-8812.  There is also more information about the camp on their blog.

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About Sheila

Sheila is the Director of Religious Exploration at the Greater Lafayette Unitarian Universalist Church. Learn more about Sheila at her staff page:

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