From the board president

Summer is often a slow time for UU Churches. Many churches switch to a schedule of summer lay-led services, practically shutting down.

Here, we try to keep rolling along, at only a somewhat slower pace. Our minister is in the pulpit, and most activities are in full swing. Thus if you’re wondering whether or not to make a pledge payment over the summer, the answer is Yes!

Most of our expenses are ongoing, and keeping up with your pledge payments helps keep the books balanced.

The board, too, is keeping busy, continuing to meet as the business of the church is, too, ongoing. Plans are in the works for the next church year, plans that inspire service and a commitment to our UU heritage. Make plans to join the all-church Wabash River clean-up Aug. 4; look for more information on a fall dinner dance, or the annual retreat in October.

As our youth (and their fearless leaders) who have recently returned from GA in Phoenix, with its emphasis on social justice and upholding the rights of all US residents, will tell you, becoming engaged and active is empowering. Find a way for the UU to empower you and for you to live your faith.

Cindy Gerlach
President, UU Board of Trustees


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