August: From the Board President

The Board of Trustees will meet the first weekend in August at a retreat, where we will focus on strategic planning for the upcoming year, as well as clarifying and educating ourselves on various issues of church governance.

The board meets in retreats each year, usually over the summer, as the board terms begin, to help update new board members on procedures, as well as to bring us closer together, to help learn to work with one another, sharing a common goal.

In doing so, we are keeping the business of church operations in mind at all times.
Our board’s work is transparent — with the exception of personnel matters, all business with which the board deals is public, and meetings are always open. Members of the congregation are welcome and invited to attend any of our monthly meetings, scheduled for 6.30 pm the third Thursday of each month.

We have an agenda we follow as closely as possible, with time limits assigned to each item. In our ongoing efforts to be as green as possible, we have eliminated extraneous paper from our meetings, and all necessary documents are projected electronically, eliminating the need for wasteful extra photocopies of such short-term documents as minutes, agendas, and reports (though paper copies are filed in the archives).

Watch for an upcoming policy on planning all-church events, a policy that will involve updating Program Council and asking for its approval before events are placed on the calendar. In this way, Program Council will serve better as the central organizing body in the church that will always know who, what, where, and when events are planned, thus — ideally — eliminating, or minimizing, confusion. It will be clear to whom questions should be directed and who will have the definitive answer to questions of just what is going on.

Just one more step in making our church operations run seamlessly.

Cindy Gerlach
President, UU Board of Trustees


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