August: Minister’s Musings

Wherever we go, there we are.
Some of us take summer vacations.
We vacate our jobs.
We vacate our homes.
We vacate our minds of troubling thoughts.
We vacate our bodies of stress.
But we can never really take a vacation from ourselves. Every where we have been becomes a part of us. Everywhere we go will change us.
But we will always have to live with ourselves.
What makes you, you?
Is it what you think or what you do? What makes me, me?
Is it what I am or who I hope to be? This problem is repeated by
People and people and more people. All of them on a journey to themselves.
What do we carry with us?
What do we leave behind?
How do we make ourselves at home wherever we are? How do we make ourselves at home within our selves?
The task of living is more than our job.
The task of living continues even when we are on vacation. Every thing, place and person we encounter
Is part of who we are.
Absorb the people around you.
We are all part of each other.
Particular particles of a universal self,
Sharing the same search for understanding
Who we are and where we fit in.

I am unique,
Just like everybody else.
You are unique,
Just like everybody else.
They are each unique.
Just like everybody else.
May this paradox prepare us to care For our selves and all the other selves That suffer and celebrate.
May compassion and gratitude Travel with us wherever we go.

With Gratitude & Hope, Rev. Charlie


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