Cultivating Lives of Generosity

Cultivation is preparing the soil for growth. Sometimes it is done in the spring or the fall. It is digging deep and creating space for growth. When we do that for ourselves we uncover the richness of our souls. We break
the clods of opinions that have been packed and hardened. We open ourselves to new ideas and opportunities.

In a church pledge drive money is like seeds. This seed money needs to hit fertile ground. If it lands among the thistles of discord it will be choked. If it lands on rock hard hearts it will not take root. If it lands upon the path of lives that have been trampled with concerns it is easily washed away. In order for our seed money to prosper we must plant it into a cultivated community.

We cultivate a community of generosity when we take time to listen to one another, when we pitch in after a potluck, when we take a class or join a book group to expand our understanding. Inviting people to the worship
service and sharing the sermon posted on line are also ways to be generous with what this church has to offer. We need to build a community that we want to share with the whole community. When we cultivate a community of goodwill the seeds we sow will grow.

With Gratitude & Hope,
Rev. Charlie


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