October: From the Board President

Every time I step in this church, I see people giving. From greeters to folks setting up
tables, members of this congregation give of their time.

Members of the Board of Trustees give lots of their time, as do members of countless other committees; committee chairs are especially busy as they plan the important work of our congregation.

With a stewardship theme of generosity, it’s hard not to be mindful of all the hours given by so many. And it might sound ungrateful to say those aren’t enough.

But sadly, they aren’t. The fact is, it take money to run a church. From postage and copier paper to salaries for the office administrator and nursery helpers, we have a significant budget each year.

And in addition to paying for the everyday expenses, we have plans for the future. In the coming months, the Strategic Plan will be unveiled to the congregation; we will be asked to share in growing the mission of our church. But doing that is, too, going to require some investment.

So many people give much of themselves to our church. But what we give, we receive back in so many ways. It’s generosity that multiplies, in more ways than one.

Gift Policy

Many members and friends of the UU Church like to go above and beyond their usual pledge of support by giving additional gifts to the church. Often they have a specific project or item they would like to see funded, so they give a designated gift to the church.

And the church welcomes these gifts. We have a gift policy, which states, in part, that these gifts are welcomed, but also that gifts must be approved by the board.

Why would a gift need to be approved, you might wonder. The Board would need to make sure that a particular gift is needed; while it might seem generous to donate particular items, we might not have a need for them, or any place to store them. It’s possible that a particular gift might run afoul of our principles. Or someone could donate a cash gift with such stipulations that the church might feel it was too difficult to administer.

Many members offer items as “in-kind” donations, making gifts of time, supplies, and talents. We welcome you to officially submit these items. You can take the value as a tax deduction, and it gives the church a better idea of exactly what is spent for our program areas.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the Board of Trustees or the Finance Committee.

Cindy Gerlach
President, Board of Trustees


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