October: Ministerial Musings

Each leaf has a secret,
A beauty about to be revealed.
Beneath the noble green
of workaday chlorophyll,
True colors wait to be exposed.
Who are we beneath the duties of the day?
We work to transform energy for our community,
Competing until all are green with envy.
Envision an interior life beneath each public face.
True colors wait to be disclosed.
All will fall
To the ground from which we rise
Our certain demise is simple to surmise.
Yet beneath the pettiness of our lives,
Lies the prettiness of life.
May we share our radiance with the world.
May the knowledge of the beauty inside us
Guide us through all stages of life.
From budding to unfolding even unto death,
Each life has a secret.
We are more than we seem.
Believe in beauty.
Be leaves of beauty.
Be lives of beauty.
Be you,
To fill the world with beauty.

With Gratitude & Hope,
Rev. Charlie


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