One congregant’s experience of the Sweetest Day Dinner Dance

Hi, I’m Cheryl Fowler, longtime member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lafayette. I wanted to write an article about our church’s recent
fundraiser, the Sweetest Day Dinner Dance, held on October 12th.

First of all, I love to dance! I actually am a tap dancer but love many other forms of dance including clogging and free form at gatherings. In college, I even considered minoring in dance along with my business degree because I love dancing so much. (I didn’t pursue this when I found out there were many
requirements like Anatomy (!) to fit in to my already full class load.) Back to the fundraiser… My husband, Gary, was to be out of the country for business and was not able to be “my sweetest” at the dance BUT I decided to go anyway. I heard Dorothy Hughes was to have a dance partner helping teach the class, and he might be able to dance with “singles” there.

The week before the dance there was a callout for volunteers to help set up tables etc. prior to the event, so I signed up to help. In getting there at 4:30 p.m.
before the 6:00 start, I found all the tables set up and the Fellowship Hall transformed into a lovely room with space for dancing, yellow draped tables with beautiful centerpieces and candlelight along with white lights twinkling around the ceiling providing great atmosphere!

Amy French was making final preparations for dinner at my arrival, so I helped her where I was able which was fun! She also asked if I would help greet
people as they arrived, a welcome task for me! At 6:00, the $5.00 dance lesson began with Dorothy and her friend, Joe, teaching the Foxtrot. I was pleased that there were other “singles” at the lesson, and Jim Gitzin and I became partners. It was great to learn the basic steps, and we even learned to turn!

At 6:30, the delicious dinner was served buffet style. Green salad with fresh roasted beets & balsamic beet dressing, pastas with meat sauce and pesto and
bread sticks were yummy! Decadent brownies with a touch of espresso were dessert. You don’t want to get sleepy while you are at a dance ;).

When the dance began, much enthusiasm was shared as we danced to various pieces of music organized and implemented by Doug Paprocki. He had asked for requests prior to the event and did a nice job providing the music. Also, during the evening, Dorothy taught the Electric Slide line dance which was a “hoot!”

Our church made $985. for our operating budget. I hope to attend another dinner dance fundraiser next year!

Many thanks to organizers Amy French, Dorothy Hughes and Denise Laussade and also volunteers Harry Brown, Jim Gitzin, Doug Paprocki, Rae Schnapp and Mark Van Meeter.

— by Cheryl Fowler


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