Home energy assessment opportunity to help raise money for our UU church!

From Social Justice committee member Bill Welge,  oxygenphilosophy@gmail.com:

Presently the Unitarian Universalist Church is engaged in an Indiana Energy Community Outreach and Enrichment Program. For each individual/family residence that has a free energy assessment, the UU church has the opportunity to earn $50 (this is an increase over the previous $25 non-profits were eligible to receive for each energy assessment performed).

The energy assessment includes evaluation of light-bulb types; faucet and shower head flow changes; insulation recommendations; etc. Once the assessment is completed by your local energy provider (Duke, NIPSCO, Vectren), a report will be provided to you with recommendations for changes to help you achieve savings in your energy payments.

ALL THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE! This is a benefit to you, the homeowner; to the environment; and to the church, which receives a $50 donation from the energy provider per assessment. There is no easier way to earn money for our church!

The number of assessments we have done through the UU church may also help us to obtain grant monies and other opportunities for solar panel programs/etc. down the road, should we pursue those possibilities. Please, consider having an energy assessment done so that our church will receive $50 per home assessed! “Energizing Indiana” forms are available on the volunteer desk outside the office.

This link will give credit to the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette.


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