December: Adult “Religious” Exploration Council

Formed just a few months ago, the Adult “Religious” Exploration Council hopes to become a vital part of what helps us meet our mission at UUC. We’re getting to know one another through the standard meeting process but also by dining together and having more involved conversation about what “religious” exploration means. And we’ve been productive so far!

The board of trustees approved the Charter for the Adult “Religious” Exploration Council (A-REC) recently and we are pleased to have the direction, authority and limitations outlined as we plan and look forward to offering programming.

So what is the purpose of A-REC? According to our Charter we exist for three primary purposes:

  • Assess the need for “religious” exploration experiences for adult members, friends and visitors to assist in continuing their personal searches for truth and meaning.
  • Organize comprehensive adult learning and engagement opportunities that instill the principles of our faith where there are:

    • Opportunities to deepen the understanding of Unitarian Universalism
    • Encounters with wisdom from the sources of our living Unitarian Universalist tradition—direct experience, words and deeds of prophetic people, the world’s religions, Jewish and Christian tradition, humanist teachings and the guidance of reason, and spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions
    • Opportunities to be introduced to new ideas and experiences
    • Opportunities for people to tell their own stories
    • Engagements with ethical and moral questions
    • Spiritual experiences which inspire, transform, and sustain
    • Opportunities to explore life skills and discuss life issues
    • Coordinate with other faith communities (UU and non-UU) in our regional area to offer or co-sponsor programs & experiences to meet exploration needs of our community.

We’re well on our way with #1 as Council members have been working on an assessment that will be introduced in early January.

When will we start offering programs or resources? Good question. It will happen when we feel we’ve done thorough planning… like getting good information from the needs assessment. We feel that good planning is good stewardship. It will conserve resources, prevent wasted effort, and save time and money. Good planning (and a bit of luck) prevents small problems from becoming big problems.

Until then, please share ideas, enthusiasm and stories about adult RE with any council members. The council includes: Ellen Germann (, Peggy Martin (, Janice Schuster (, Larry Guentert (, Karin Bergman (, John Wilms (, Denise Wilson (, Larry Hicks (, Suzan Windnagel (

And maybe one day soon we’ll discuss why there are quote marks around religious in our council name.



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