December: Program Council – A Happening Place

I really love Program Council….it’s kinda raucous at times, fast paced at times and downright funny at times. And we get the nonpolicy work of the UU discussed, debated, divided up and moving forward.

A good example is the discussion we had in November about the Sunday Fellowship Teams that were introduced this fall. The council is a great sounding board for what’s working, what has changed, ways to communicate, suggested adjustments AND to provide encouragement when implementing a major new endeavor hits a snag or two. Program Council members are really optimistic and pleased with the teams and we want to help Linda Prokopy, Sherry Tripodi and all the team leaders be successful.

In another important area, Program Council members are working to assure the February Youth Justice Con(ference) is a high priority for all of us at the UU. Sure, other things can be going on but the Con will required many volunteers and the energy of many… we’re keeping our eyes and ears open to assure another major event doesn’t get planned at the same time. Our youth deserve and need our energy and attention.

Other topics that you might want on your radar to check out in greater detail:

  • General Assembly – is in Louisville, KY from June 19-23, 2013. UU teens have a goal of sending everyone to GA….following in Audrey Smith and Bobby Dunning’s footsteps from 2012. Program Council is trying to recruit a couple of volunteers to coordinate attendance by adults in our congregation. Contact Suzan Windnagel at if you plan to attend GA or can help coordinate/encourage our congregation’s participation.
  • Energy Audits – Bill Welge is one energized man. By having an energy audit of your home (in Duke Energy region) you learn about ways to save on energy costs AND make money for UUC at the same time. Program Council members will help “advertise” the audits and how they benefit our environment, the individual and UUC. Bill can be emailed at for more information.
  • Sunday Service Planning & Process Guide – The main goal of the guide is to help all involved on Sunday to create a meaningful and effective service. So whether an announcement or an active part in the service this is the guide for you. Get a copy from Karin Bergman

In December our agenda will include a presentation by the Committee on Minister regarding the Congregational Systems Inventory that was conducted last February, a review of the new Healing Service that is sponsored by the Worship Committee plus a discussion/learning session by the PR Committee about our digital/social media communication (website, Facebook page & group).

Want to propose a new event or program at UUC? Or does your committee or group need input from a cross-section of other lay leaders? Plan to attend Program Council on December 4th at 5:30 p.m. And to assure there is time for your topic, contact Suzan Windnagel ( to get on the agenda!

— Suzan Windnagel


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