Local food pantries’ availability

From Rae Schnapp:

If you get any requests for assistance with food you might find this spreadsheet (.xls) to be helpful.  This information is available online but it is hard to find and poorly organized.  I have re-organized the information so that a person can tell where to find assistance on any given day of the week.  I have shared it with people at Area IV and they report that it is much more user friendly than the info provided on the FoodFinders page.  Feel free to share this with anyone interested.

FYI This information is available on the Food Finders website as a pdf download from this page that takes you to this document. The fact that it is a pdf download is another obstacle since many people may not have Adobe and indeed may not even have a computer.


  • Food Pantries generally provide FOOD with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  They do ask for your name because they want you to come only once a month, but they don’t ask for ID, address, income verification, citizenship, or any other documentation.
  • You are supposed to limit your visits to a given food pantry to once a month, but there is no coordination between different food pantries so you can easily visit one this week and another one next week.
  • Food Pantries are really variable in what they provide.  Some provide more choice than others. Some provide baked goods only.
  • Arriving early is a good idea for best selection.  All are first come first served.
  • The food pantry at the Howarth Center on 18th Street is really the best in terms of choice and selection.  They often have fresh produce as well as canned goods.  Tuesdays are the best day to go because they get new shipments.

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