Meridian Update for December 24, 2012

The Meridian Update, Monday, December 24, 2012, Christmas Eve
Unitarian Universalist Church, West Lafayette, Indiana


  • Rev. Davis: Sunday morning, Tuesday-Friday 9-1.
  • DRE: Sunday morning, Monday by appt., Tuesday 1-5 pm; Wednesday 10am-5pm.
  • Office Administrator: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, lunch hour variable.

NEXT SUNDAY MORNING FORUM  Sunday, December 30, UU Church Art Fair Team members will present a discussion on the Art Fair and its History, including the recent streamlining of the financial/inventory control system. Forum co-chairs are Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge.

NEXT SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE  Please join us on Sunday, December 30, as Worship Leader Kat Braz presents “Looking Back, Moving Forward. Each New Year marks a time to reflect on the past joys and sorrows that will guide us toward what is yet to be. It is an opportunity to lay down our burdens and accept the invitation to open our hearts to the possibility of growth and healing.  Reverend D. Charles Davis will officiate a special child dedication ceremony for Simon Pawley Hoffmann.Worship Associate:  Janice Thiel.  Pianist:  Hunt Wiley. Sanctuary Prep: Nina Kirkpatrick. Sound:  Gary Fowler.  Fellowship Team Leaders: Mike & Sherry Tripodi.  Team Members: Mark Cushman and Kathy Coder; John and Mary Finley; Laura Geiger and Mike Reed; Jennifer Higginbottom and Hunt Wiley; Edwin Layer and Virginia Smith; Tim Martinez; Michelle Miller; George and Sara Reichler; Sue Robinson; Rachel Smith; Yiseul Suh; Jessie and Matthew Volovski.


Fellowship teams will offer child care during coffee time until noon. Parents, please introduce yourselves and sign your children in and out, so the volunteers know who they are responsible for; please take your children to the restroom, etc.  prior to signing them in.

Sunday Morning Announcements  Worship Committee has renewed the policy of having the worship associate read announcements during the Welcoming.  Exceptions will be made for special events that involve all of the congregation (such as Stewardship), but most announcements will be read by the worship associate.  A basket with announcement forms and pens is kept at the front of the sanctuary behind the table of candles.   If you have an announcement that you would like read during the Welcoming, please print on the form and give to the worship associate as early as possible.  Thank you!  Dianna Poindexter, Worship Committee Chairperson

PROGRAM COUNCIL  meets each first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in 101/103, next  January 8.  All committee chairs are encouraged to attend as are leaders of upcoming church sponsored events. In accordance with UUC by-laws, individuals planning church-sponsored events or new programs need to attend and present your plans to the council for discussion. Send agenda items at least one week in to Program Council Facilitator, Suzan Windnagel,

PRINCIPLED GROUP   Book for discussion at our next meeting, January 23, 2013:  Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  Published in 1957, this mystery novel embodies and explains Ms. Rand’s philosophy of Objectivisim, essentially having an objective reason and purpose for  every action you commit.  Suggestion:  Read first 3 chapters of book for  first session.  If you would like to order a book, contact Peggy Martin,  Thank you.

Celebrate the holidays with Heifer!  Worried about what to get the friend who has everything? Want to acknowledge your loved ones without contributing to the commercialization of the season? Consider a contribution to the UU Youth Fill the Ark campaign for Heifer International! Choose a meaningful gift that will help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant. For each gift donation you contribute to the UU Youth Fill the Ark campaign for Heifer International, we’ll provide you with a greeting card featuring artwork by one of our youth that share our goals for Heifer and lets the recipient know that you have honored them with a Heifer gift. And, like all gifts made to the UU Church, your gift to our Heifer campaign is tax deductible. Select your gift of choices from this list:

  • $5 — Flock of Chicks
  • $10 — Trio of Rabbits
  • $25 — Pig
  • $50 — Sheep
  • $75 — Camel
  • $100+ — Heifer (that’s a cow, folks!)

Whether it’s Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Solstice, or Yo Saturnalia, nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a flock of chicks! Please consider donating to the UU Youth Fill the Ark campaign for Heifer this holiday season. Cash/check accepted. Please make checks out to the Unitarian Universalist Church and designate Heifer in the memo line. For questions or to place an order, contact Kat Braz.

FIBER ARTS Please be sure to join us each 2nd Sunday, next January 13  after church in Conference Room 101/103.  Bring the fiber of your choice—quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery, lacework, tatting, quillwork, basketry…and enjoy the fellowship of friends being creative together!  Please contact Amanda Estes, for further information.

UU MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE  The membership committee and Rev. Charlie Davis continue to host second Sunday classes every month.  These are a very successful way to introduce both long-time members and new visitors to Unitarian Universalist history, individual spiritual journeys, and what it means to be a member of our church.  But holding these classes on a monthly basis takes a considerable amount of time and energy and we need help!  If you would like to be added to a list of people who periodically provide either food or child care for these classes, please contact Linda Prokopy, Thanks!

UU MEMBERSHIP CLASSES FOR 2013 meet each 2nd Sunday on a rotating basis immediately after service, presented by Rev. Charlie Davis and the Membership Committee.  Sessions will be held in Rm. 106; child care and lunch will be available at all classes.  If you plan to attend a class, please RSVP to Linda Prokopy, so we have an accurate count for food and child care

  • UU HISTORY  January 13, 2013. This class will cover topics such as: How did this denomination get where it is today and how did Unitarian Christianity and Universalist Christianity evolve into the free religion we have today?  By reviewing some of the controversies of the past we see how they shape our present.  Intended for everyone new and old to UU congregations.
  • DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH February 10, 2013. What gifts have you kept from your religious heritage? What have you discarded? How do you wish to improve yourself and the world?  Come explore and share your stories with others. By speaking our truth and listening to others, we can deepen the meaning of community.  Intended for everyone.
  • PARTICIPATING AT UUC, WEST LAFAYETTE March 10, 2012. Learn more about the history of our UU church and what it means to be a member. This course is intended for visitors who are interested in learning more about membership.

THE SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE  The Social Justice Committee remains busy with a variety of activities.  Our next meeting is Thursday, January 10, 7:00 to 8:30 pm in Rm. 101/103 at the church. We would be delighted to have you join us.  If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, contact  co-chairs Tom McConville, or Joan Marshall,

  • CHANGE FOR CHANGE  The theme for Change for Change in 2012 is “Justice, Fairness and Equality ” — all the loose coins in the Sunday offering will go to organizations striving to address social justice issues in these areas.  The C4C recipient for November/December is LARA, the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy.
  • Tom McConville, UUSJ co-chair, recommends the following video on family homeless in America (originally shown Thursday, November 29, 2012, NBC):

HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITY!  The Unitarian Universalist Church is engaged in an Indiana Energy Community Outreach and Enrichment Program.  For each individual/family residence that has a free energy assessment the UU church has the opportunity to earn $50. The energy assessment includes evaluation of light-bulb types; faucet and shower head flow changes; insulation recommendations; etc.  Once the assessment is completed by your local energy provider (Duke, NIPSCO, Vectren—TIPMONT is not a participant), a report will be provided to you with recommendations for changes to help you achieve savings in your energy payments.  ALL THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE! This is a benefit to you, the homeowner; to the environment; and to the church, which receives a $50 donation from the energy provider per assessment.  There is no easier way to earn money for our church!  The number of assessments we have done through the UU church may also help us to obtain grant monies and other opportunities for solar panel programs/etc. down the road, should we pursue such possibilities.  Please, consider having an energy assessment done so that our church will receive $50 per home assessed!  “Energizing Indiana” forms are available on the volunteer desk outside the office–for further information please contact church member Bill Welge,  Thank you!

ADULT “RELIGIOUS” EXPLORATION COUNCIL NEWS!  We’re kicking off 2013 with a few sessions to “prime the pump” for Adult RE:

  • Faith & Reason:    Wednesday, January 16th – noon to 2:00 pm.  The Wednesday Unprincipled group has graciously opened their regular session (and stretched it out) for Faith & Reason, a DVD by Bill Moyers.  The time will include a facilitated discussion after the DVD.  Faith & Reason is a series of one-on-one conversations with noted writers and thinkers from a wide spectrum of beliefs with a focus on their search for meaning.
  • Faith & Reason: (repeat of Jan. 16th)      Thursday, January 24th – 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  The same Bill Moyers DVD and lively discussion is expected will be used for this evening session.  See description above.  Child care will be provided if requested by Mon. Jan. 21st.  Email Suzan Windnagel at
  • Drumming Workshop       Saturday, January 26th – 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  Wahru Cleveland, a drummer and teacher from Columbus, Ohio will be at the UU for this workshop coordinated by Lynn Holland and supported by A-REC.  Lynn and others from the community have participated in workshops by Ms. Cleveland at music festivals over the past few years.  Cleveland performs percussion with local jazz musicians in a variety of venues and is founder of Sistah Ngoma and the Columbus Community Drummers.  Sistah Ngoma is a multicultural professional women’s drum group.  The Columbus Community Drummers is an all genders multicultural group.  She serves as musical consultant and drum instructor of a women’s drum chorus. She also drums for Afro-Rhythms Drum and Dance. Fee is $30 per person, limited to 30 participants. Register at A long term goal is to have one or more drumming circles at UU if there is strong congregational interest.

December Calendar

Rev. Charlie Davis on Vacation December 25-31

Sunday, December 23
9:00 AM Forum (101/103)
10:30 AM Worship & RE

Monday, December 24 Christmas Eve
7:00 PM Buddhist Meditation (101/103)
7:00 PM Christmas Eve Service (S)
7:00 PM Meeting (101/103 tonight rather than FH)

Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day
Office Closed

Wednesday, December 26
12:00 PM “The Principled Group” Cancelled
5:30 PM Strategic Planning Committee (106)
7:00 PM Choir (S)

Thursday, December 27
2:00 PM Tai Chi Class (Upper Room)
5:40 PM Dinner @MCL
6:00 PM Zen M
7:00 PM Publicity Committee

Friday, December 28
9:00 AM Forum (101/103)
10:30 AM Worship & RE

Saturday, December 29
7:00 PM Buddhist Meditation (101/103)
7:00 PM Meeting (Fellowship Hall)

Sunday, December 30
9:00 AM Forum (101/103)
10:30 AM Worship & RE

Monday, December 31
New Year’s Eve
7:00 PM Buddhist Meditation (101/103)

Tuesday, January 1
New Years Day
Office Closed

Wednesday, January 2
12:00 PM “The Principled Group” Cancelled
5:30 PM Strategic Planning Committee (106)

Thursday, January 3
2:00 PM Tai Chi Class (Upper Room)
5:40 PM Dinner @MCL
6:30 PM PFLAG (102 High School Room) First Thursdays
7:30 PM UU House Band (S) 1st and 3rd Thursdays

Friday, January 4
6:30 PM PRYSM (102)
7:00 PM Strolling Singers Rehearsal (101/103)

Saturday, January 5
8:00 AM Zen M

Isaiah Chapter 11 יְשַׁעְיָהוּ

א וְיָצָא חֹטֶר, מִגֵּזַע יִשָׁי; וְנֵצֶר, מִשָּׁרָשָׁיו יִפְרֶה. 1 And there shall come forth a shoot out of the stock of Jesse, and a twig shall grow forth out of his roots.
ב וְנָחָה עָלָיו, רוּחַ יְהוָה–רוּחַ חָכְמָה וּבִינָה, רוּחַ עֵצָה וּגְבוּרָה, רוּחַ דַּעַת, וְיִרְאַת יְהוָה. 2 And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.
ג וַהֲרִיחוֹ, בְּיִרְאַת יְהוָה; וְלֹא-לְמַרְאֵה עֵינָיו יִשְׁפּוֹט, וְלֹא-לְמִשְׁמַע אָזְנָיו יוֹכִיחַ. 3 And his delight shall be in the fear of the LORD; and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither decide after the hearing of his ears;
ד וְשָׁפַט בְּצֶדֶק דַּלִּים, וְהוֹכִיחַ בְּמִישׁוֹר לְעַנְוֵי-אָרֶץ; וְהִכָּה-אֶרֶץ בְּשֵׁבֶט פִּיו, וּבְרוּחַ שְׂפָתָיו יָמִית רָשָׁע. 4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the land; and he shall smite the land with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.
ה וְהָיָה צֶדֶק, אֵזוֹר מָתְנָיו; וְהָאֱמוּנָה, אֵזוֹר חֲלָצָיו. 5 And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.
ו וְגָר זְאֵב עִם-כֶּבֶשׂ, וְנָמֵר עִם-גְּדִי יִרְבָּץ; וְעֵגֶל וּכְפִיר וּמְרִיא יַחְדָּו, וְנַעַר קָטֹן נֹהֵג בָּם. 6 And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

(Isaiah 11: 1-6 from Mechon-Mamre Hebrew-English Bible)


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