From the Board President

Although nearly halfway through the calendar year, June marks the official start of the Unitarian Universalist Church 2013-2014 year. Please join me in welcoming the new members to the Board of Trustees: Gale Charlotte, Randy Myer, Kris Taylor, and Bill Welge. I would also like to thank the trustees whose terms have just ended: Suzan Windnagel, Ed Bowen, Stephen Hoffmann, and Jerry Hunley. If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to thank each of them for their dedicated service.

The 2013 UUA General Assembly will be taking place from June 19-23 in Louisville, KY. In addition to serving as the annual business meeting for the Unitarian Universalist denomination, this gathering also offers workshops, lectures, and worship activities. As a member congregation, the UUC is eligible to send four voting delegates. At the May board meeting, Denise Wilson, Cindy Gerlach, Jason Rubsam, and Julie Rubsam were appointed to serve in this capacity. We also have a sizable contingent of youth and other adults from the
UUC who will be attending. The experiences that these attendees bring back from General Assembly can only help to enrich our congregation.

The May board meeting also included discussion of the recently completed “Next Steps” assessment, led by UUA Stewardship Consultant Mary Gleason in cooperation with many participants from within the church. We now have Mary’s report, which recommends specific steps we can take as a congregation to help reach some of our longer range goals. This report is available for online viewing at, the UUC website. Printed copies are available on the desk outside the church office. Successful implementation of Mary’s recommendations will require efforts from many program areas throughout the church. Some of that activity is already taking place. For example, the Publicity Committee has begun developing a marketing plan to increase our building rental revenues. Other tasks will need to be prioritized based on feedback from the congregation. Stay tuned for more details on this initiative.

I look forward to serving as Board President for the upcoming church year. My wish during this time would be to encourage all members looking to become more engaged in the work of the congregation to find areas where you can serve with passion. Many such opportunities exist, just waiting for you to take that first step.

Best wishes,
Mark VanMeeter
President, Board of Trustees


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