Welcome, new board, nominating and endowment committee members!

At the spring congregational meeting, members elected officers who will begin their terms this month. To help acquaint you with your new officers, here is some information regarding their participation in the church:

Gale Charlotte, President Elect
Gale began attending the church in 1991 and joined the Board of Trustees a few years later. She was elected as treasurer during Rev. Libbie Stoddard’s tenure as our minister and has served as treasurer for at least a year during the tenure of every minister and interim minister since. She has also been a member of the Adult RE committee, served as the contact person for the Women’s Studies Group, the UU Book Group, and led a number of workshops over the years. She is a former RE teacher, and has served on the Future Space Committee, Committee on Ministry and the Worship Committee.

Kris Taylor, Trustee
Kris first attended the church in 1989 and signed the book several years later. She was very involved in RE as her children went through the program –serving as a teacher, member of the Religious Education Committee, and the DRE search committee . She also taught the UU sex education program, Our Whole Lives, five times. She has served on the Endowment Committee and is currently on the Worship Committee.

Bill Welge, Trustee
Bill joined the UU Church in the summer of 2011. While a fairly new member, he has jumped right in– serving as a co-chair of the Forum Committee, Social Justice Committee, Worship Committee, and he also sings in the choir. He spearheaded the Energizing Indiana Home Energy Audit Program and a fundraiser for the Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light Workshop. You may occasionally see him in the pulpit delivering a Sunday sermon.

Denise Laussade, Endowment Committee
Another newer member, Denise joined the church in March of 2011, She has served on the Finance and Special Events Committees and is a member of the UU Book Group. Denise also provided much helpful guidance and advice in drafting a new charter for the Endowment Committee.

Dianna Poindexter, Nominating Committee
Dianna first came to the church in 1998, began attending regularly in 1999 and joined in 2000. She has served on the Membership Committee and led the first-ever Congregational Self Assessment Team in 2005. With her husband, Robin, Dianna has been coboard president elect, president, and past president. She currently serves on the Personnel Committee and chairs the Worship

Lisa Pantea, Nominating Committee
Lisa started coming to UUC about 20 years ago. Her first involvement was in RE, since her son, Carter was five years old at the time. Later, she served as board president elect, president, and past president and currently, she organizes the annual picnic, the all church retreat, and the plant sale, She also sings in the choir and can be found participating in most church activities, planting
flowers and herbs, having fun with the youth and cooking for all of us!

Randy Myer, Assistant Treasurer
Randy joined the church in 2011 but was a UU in spirit for many years prior, having been married by a UU minister 28 years ago. He enjoys participating in the Photography interest group and attends forum. He has provided major assistance to the Art Fair by organizing the financial aspects of the sale. And he and his wife, Lorraine, hosted a reception for our recent UU consultant.

A stellar group of accomplished individuals–congratulations to all!
Joan Marshall
Nominating Committee Chair


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