From the Board President: July

At the June board meeting, topics related to church finance remained at the forefront. In the coming months, new marketing plans will be put into place to help increase building rental revenues. We are also investigating the possibility of generating revenue by providing links to online retailers on the UUC website. Additional details on both of these efforts will be forthcoming.

As we strive to keep our finances in order, we must not lose sight of the role of the UUC in the greater community. For example, the UUC has long been an advocate of marriage equality. The recent Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act means the federal government will now recognize the marriage of same-sex couples. This is a great step in the right direction, but the same recognition remains only a hope in many states – including Indiana. At the rally following the court decision, I was proud to see so many of our congregation there to support marriage equality. Let us continue to put our UU principles into practice and work toward social justice in our local and world communities.

Best wishes,

Mark VanMeeter President Board of Trustees


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