Minister’s Musings: “Liberty and Justice for All”

Eleven score and seventeen years ago, our fathers set forth a new nation based on the principle that all men were created equal. As the decades passed we gradually became aware that the word “men” meant “people.” Through the centuries, we have begun to understand that people included Native Americans, African Americans and immigrants of every race and creed. We are beginning to understand that humanity includes a variety of genders and sexual orientations.

Yet we are met on a great cultural battlefield, where some insist that the recognition of rights means conferring of special rights. The dismantling of white male privilege and wealth is perceived as a loss. Many are trying to restore what America used to be instead of striving for what America should be. They want to take the country back instead forward.
Can we survive the many conflicts? Is there a war on Christmas or a war on non-Christians? Is there a war on women or a war on patriarchy? Is there a war on drugs or a war against health care? Is there a right to privacy or are our bodies and communication open for government inspection? Does corporate personhood usurp the rights of actual human beings? Do guns protect the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or promote death, coercion and descent into tragedy?

When the battlefield of America is surveyed, we see the corpses of those who died from poverty, pollution, religious extremism and bigotry. Words are hollow and cannot hallow the ground we walk upon. Let us be ever vigilant in protecting the rights of actual humans from ill conceived notions of humanity. May we work to see that all work is fairly compensated. May we live so that others may live. May we know that in order to protect our liberty, we must promote liberty and justice for all. The true pursuit of happiness cannot be at the expense of others. This land is your land and this land is my land. May we protect it from nonhuman entities that seek to destroy the land the air and water from sea to shining sea. May we ensure liberty and justice for ALL.

Blessings to all,

Rev. Charlie


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