Meridian Bulletin for August 16, 2013


  • Rev. Davis: Sunday morning, Tuesday-Friday 1-5
  • DRE Sheila Garrett: Sunday morning, Monday by appt., Tuesday 1-5 pm; Wednesday 10am-5pm.
  • Office Administrator Karin Bergman: Summer Hours Tuesday-Friday, 8am-6pm, lunch hour variable.

It is with sympathy that we inform you of two deaths in our congregation.

We regretfully inform you of the death of Harold Zarse, 83, of Lafayette IN at Rosewalk Village Hospice Care Thursday morning, August 15, 2013. He had been ill for several months. His wife, Lucille Zarse, survives. More information will soon follow.

We regretfully inform you of the death of Richard Mattox Garretson, father of member Chris Garretson, the morning of Saturday, August 10. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in March of this year. He peacefully passed away with his wife, his brother, his daughter, and Chris surrounding him. The funeral will be at Geisen Funeral home Saturday, August 17 at 2:00pm in Crown Point, IN. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to either Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana (where he was a volunteer), or the Crown Point Community Foundation (to which he donated regularly). Richard was born on December 4, 1945 in Rushville, IN. He graduated from Rushville High School in 1964 and graduated from Ball State University in 1969. He and Mrs. Garretson were married that same summer on August 25. He received his M.A. in Education two years later and worked for the Lowell School System for two years before moving to the Crown Point School System where he retired following 38 years as a 5th grade teacher

Rebecca Humphrey, Youth Services Director at Cary Home for Children and Karah Rawlings, Quality Assurance Coordinator for Cary Home for Children and Director of the Jessie’s Kids Foundation: Juvenile Justice Reform in Tippecanoe County. Forum co-chairs are Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge.

Please join us next Sunday as Reverend Daniel Charles Davis presents Humanistic Psychology and Religion. Carl Rogers believed that if he gave his clients unconditional positive regard they would find a way to heal themselves. This reminds me of Universalism and the belief that all can be saved. Worship Association is Bill Welge. Choir Director & Pianist is Shellie Johnson. Pulpit Preparation by Nina Kirkpatrick. Sound Technician is Jerry Hunley. Fellowship Team Leader is Dorothy Hughes.


  • Potluck will not be held on the first Sunday of September. It will be held on September 8.
  • On August 25th there will be a Safety Training Meeting immediately following service. All congregants are invited. We will meet in the library and walk through procedures for opening and closing the building, operating the AED machine, and other safety procedures. The orientation for new fellowship team leaders will follow immediately. Childcare will be provided in the nursery.


  • Time for All Ages during this coming Sunday service is dedicated to recognizing the children who participated in our Peace and Nature Camp earlier this month. Please join the members of the Children & Youth Religious Exploration Council (CYRE) in thanking the following people for their work to make it happen: Alyssa Dufair, Fia Esquivel, Annie Moss, Jack Reynolds, Audrey Smith, Rachel Smith, Evalyn Starkey, Frank Arnold, Andrea Burniske, Gary Burniske, Kathy Coder, Rev. Charlie Davis, Gail Davis, Jason Dufair, Cheryl Fowler, Sheila Garrett, Joe Hiscox, Michelle Miller, Beth Misner, Jenny Moss, Paul Owens, Kirsten Reynolds, Rae Schnapp, Kevin Sondgeroth, Lynne Taylor, and Kathy Willowoode. Many thanks to Malory VanMeeter for designing the wonderful Peace and Nature Camp t-shirt, which we enjoyed tie-dying with special colors! Please forgive us if you helped and your name isn’t recognized on this list.
  • Have you registered your child(ren) for R.E. for the 2013-14 church year? Forms are located in several places at church, including the library. Your cooperation in helping us make sure every child is accounted for on our rosters is much appreciated!
  • Parents, please make sure you sign your children in and out on the clipboard when dropping them off in the nursery for childcare during the service or during church events. This information is vital for child safety and program tracking/planning purposes.

Most of us come from other faiths, or no faith, and have found comfort in this place we call Unitarian Universalism. We easily can tell you what we DON’T believe. Sharing what we do believe is much harder. And no one is up in the pulpit telling us what we MUST believe. Building Your Own Theology is a program developed by Rev. Richard Gilbert to “provide some tools for building a theology based on materials of individual life experiences” (from Rev. Gilbert’s preface). Each person who participates in this 10-week experience, beginning September 8 and continuing subsequent Sundays from 4-6pm, will come away with a deeper understanding of what the basis is for her or his beliefs. Each session will include a short reading to be done before the session, an opportunity to get acquainted or reconnect, a discussion of the reading, small group sessions and a closing. A final outcome of this offering will include each person developing a credo, or short description of their personal theology. To register, please call the church office, 743-8812. Brought to you by the Adult Religious Exploration Council, A-REC.

There have recently been several church doors left unlocked, or otherwise open/not pulled tightly shut so the latch mechanism engages. People have been entering the building unexpectedly from the front of the church. PLEASE be sure to pull all doors tightly shut; even if a door looks as though it is locked, try the mechanism to be sure it is secured. Especially check all doors going into the Fellowship Hall, and be sure the doors onto the playground from the RE Classrooms are locked. Hex-bolt doors need to be checked as well—do not screw the inner bolt completely down or the mechanism will not lock. Try the door when finished using the hex-bolt. Thank you.

Please join us for wonderful monthly structured drumming sessions facilitated by Sundeep Rao and Robin Pickett of the local West African percussion ensemble circAfrique, the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:30-9:00 pm in room 101/103. Each structured drumming session, in the West African style, will include instruction and lots of drumming together. Bring your drum, or ask if a drum is available for use (there are about 6-8) for a small, extra donation. Your drum will need to make at least two distinct sounds. Bells, shakers, and other percussive instruments are welcome! Your donations to help support this event would be welcomed. Suggested donation amount: $10. Sign up by registering at Email Sundeep Rao or Robin Pickett with questions at, or contact Brought to you by the Adult Religious Exploration Council, A-REC.

Board Meetings take place each 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm in Conference Room 101/103, next on Tuesday, 20 August 2013. Church members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to speak with members of the Board of Trustees regarding congregational questions and concerns. Board President is Mark VanMeeter; Board President-Elect is Gale Charlotte; Immediate Past Board President is Cindy Gerlach.

PROGRAM COUNCIL meets the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in 101/103, next Tuesday, September 3. All committee chairs are encouraged to attend as are leaders of upcoming church sponsored events. In accordance with UUC by-laws, individuals planning church-sponsored events or new programs need to attend and present your plans to the council for discussion. Send agenda items at least one week in to Program Council Facilitator, Cindy Gerlach,

UU Membership Classes for 2013 meet each 2nd Sunday on a rotating basis after service (following Talk and Tour), presented by Rev. Charlie Davis and the Membership Committee. Sessions will be held in Rm. 106; lunch will be available at all classes. Child care will be available if requested one week in advance. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Sherry Tripodi, one week prior to class, so we have an accurate count for food and child care.

  • DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH Next September 8. What gifts have you kept from your religious heritage? What have you discarded? How do you wish to improve yourself and the world? Come explore and share your stories with others. By speaking our truth and listening to others, we can deepen the meaning of community. Intended for everyone.
  • EXPLORING MEMBERSHIP: PARTICIPATING AT UUC, WEST LAFAYETTE Next October 13. Learn more about the history of our UU church and what it means to be a member. This course is intended for visitors who are interested in learning more about membership.
  • UU HISTORY Next November 10. This class will cover topics such as: How did this denomination get to where it is today and how did Unitarian Christianity and Universalist Christianity evolve into the free religion we have today? By reviewing some of the controversies of the past we see how they shape our present. Intended for everyone new and old to UU congregations.

We have moved the church email list to Google Groups to help streamline communications from the church office. All Lighted Chalice and Meridian Bulletin emails will be sent through this group. This should not increase the number of emails you get from the church. If you would like to receive these communications and donor receive a Friday Meridian Bulletin (previously Update), please email Alice Pawley at and copy Karin Bergman at Thank you!

A lot of people have thanked Janice and me for putting on the retreat this year. Planning and buying the food, hauling stuff out and back, setting up tables and chairs, sending out registrations and information and collecting money are all necessary parts of the retreat, and the retreat couldn’t happen without someone doing these tasks, so we take it in that light and say, “you’re welcome!” from our hearts. But the retreat itself is put on by the people who attend and support it, not those who organize it. I’d like to thanks all those people who really “put on” the retreat.

First, and most importantly, all those who attend and put life into the retreat by their conversation, their welcome of others, their enthusiasm, their singing and playing and dancing and just hanging around with others or even by themselves – the retreat should offer both community and alone time.

Secondly, all those who have the time and energy to give a little extra:

  • Workshops and activities – Della Willmann, Kathy Willowood, Barny Dunning, Ellen Germann-Melosh (2!), Kat Braz, Denise Wilson, Mark VanMeeter, Lisa Pantea, Sherry Tripodi, Jason Kniola, Gunner Reynolds, (the games, the bike, kickball, and a little bit of everything behind the scenes), and Noemi Ybarra (the dance!).  Music – Jason Dufair, Michael Lewis, Rev. Charlie and Gail Davis, Martha Gipson.
  • Setup, meals and cleanup – (this actually included virtually everyone by the end of the retreat, but a special note of those who stuck their necks out by signing up to begin with): David Bridgham, Mark VanMeeter, Denise Wilson, Jean Herr, JJ Rode, Chris Funk, Mike Tripodi, Robert Rode, Doug Herr, Don and Ruth Ferris, Della Willmann, Rae Brandt, Linda Prokopy, Dorothy Hughes, Sherry Tripodi, Tamara Benjamin, Noemi Ybarra, Josh Prokopy, Cheryl Fowler, Martha Gipson, Suzan Windnagel, Barny Dunning, Beth Misner, Gunner Reynolds and all those who pitched in when the need was there. Special thanks to Gunner Reynolds for brownies & Lisa Pantea Lorraine Myers for the peach crisp.
  • Worship Service – Martha Gipson, a beautiful and meaningful service for all attending.

Thirdly, Suzan Windnagel and the Adult RE committee, for brainstorming and arranging most of the workshops.

Fourthly, all the children and youth who gave us hope with their presence and participation: Amanda and Lily Rode; Fatima and Fia Benjamin; Jack Reynolds and friend Evie; Alyssa, Ian and Emma Dufair; Bobby Dunning and friend; Annabel, Margaret and David Prokopy; Stivers and Frankie Tripodi; Audrey Smith; Della Willmann’s granddaughter Sarah Morris; and Jody Tishmack’s two towering sons and their friends, whose names I apologize for forgetting (I also apologize for forgetting the names of any other child or youth attendees).

And finally, the entire UU Congregation, for their support and material assistance.

That’s who puts on the retreat! See you next year! Eric and Janice Thiel

The Social Justice Committee remains busy with a variety of activities. Our next meeting is Thursday, September 12, 7:00 to 8:30 pm in Rm. 101/103 at the church . We would be delighted to have you join us. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, contact co-chairs Tom McConville, or Joan Marshall,

The theme for Change for Change in 2013 is “Social Justice and Climate Change.” All loose coins in the Sunday offering will go to organizations striving to address social justice issues in these areas. Our September and October recipient of C4C is, a global grassroots organization of volunteers in 188 countries that have become the largest and most influential group of climate activists in the world. These volunteers work to change policies related to climate change, with the overall goal of influencing governments to adopt policies that would lower carbon emissions. Through on line campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions, raises climate awareness among individuals and promotes behavioral changes for living more sustainably.

Many thanks to all who have participated in the Energizing Indiana residential audit. For each member/supporter who completed a Home Energy Assessment, our church has received $25 from the Energizing Indiana community outreach and enrichment program. Bill Welge, who has been instrumental in encouraging participation in this incentive, will be initiating a new phase of the program called “Energize a Friend.” All those who have received a home energy audit will be encouraged to invite one or more friend to schedule a free home energy audit online. Please see, or contact Bill Welge at 765.409.3896 for assistance or further information.

Are you new to Unitarian Universalism, or looking for some fun and interesting activities to add to your journey? Consider joining one of several UU interest groups gathering monthly—it’s a great way to meet congregants joining together in fun and fellowship! Included are two book groups (one specifically feminist fiction; the second, varied subject matter); digital photography; herbs; looking for laughs group; outdoor group; men’s and women’s night out (separate groups); quilting/fiber arts; UU movie group; and writers’ group. If you have an interest in conducting a new group, please contact Sherry Tripodi, Interim Membership Chairperson, For further contact information regarding specific groups, please see here.

If you have events being hosted at our church to which you would like to invite congregants via our website and Facebook page, please send details and any appropriate photos to webspinner Alice Pawley,

August Calendar

Saturday August 17
7:30 PM Denise Wilson CD Release Concert: “A Song the Birds Believe,” in the sanctuary with reception to follow in the Fellowship Hall. Denise will be joined by Michael Lewis and other musical guests. Featured are original, contemporary folk, and traditional songs. This concert is free of charge.  Doors open at 7 pm; childcare provided.

Sunday, August 18
9:00 AM Forum (101/103)
10:30 AM Worship & RE
3:00 PM House Blessing for Jonathan Presti; call office for details
4:00 PM UU Photo Group (101/103)
6:00 PM Youth Advisors Meeting (Youth Room)

Monday, August 19
7:30 AM Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
1:30 PM Writers’ Group 106
7:00 PM Monday Meditation (101/103)

Tuesday, August 20
6:30 PM BOARD MEETING (3rd Tuesdays, 101/103)
7:00 PM Lafayette Chamber Singers (S)

Wednesday, August 21
7:30 AM Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
12:00 PM “The Principled Group” (101/103)
5:00 PM Tai Chi with David McCain Cancelled

Thursday, August 22
5:30 PM Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading (M)
5:40 PM Dinner @MCL
7:00 PM Publicity Committee
7:00 PM Strolling Singers Rehearsal (101/103)

Friday, August 23
7:30 AM Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson

Sunday, August 25
9:00 AM Forum (101/103)
10:30 AM Worship & RE
11:45 AM Safety Training Meeting (FH): All congregants are invited; childcare available. Procedures for opening/closing building, operating AED machine, etc. Fellowship Team Leader training will follow.
12:15 PM New Fellowship Team Leaders Training (FH; immediately following safety training meeting)

Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.
From A Philosophy of Life (Lecture 35) – New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1932)
~Sigmund Freud

Quotes by Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961:
One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.


In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life, too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness, especially when under the influence of repressed or other unconscious complexes.
From Problems of Modern Psychotherapy (1929), in CW 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy. pg. 125

Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument.
The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is “man” in a higher sense—he is “collective man”—one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic forms of mankind.


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