September’s Lighted Chalice is posted!

We’ve got the September issue of our church newsletter, The Lighted Chalice, posted here.  Among many things, read columns from Rev. Charlie, DRE Sheila Garrett and board president Mark Van Meeter.  Learn about how you can contribute to our upcoming service auction on Sept 21, and how you can get involved in some of the many groups organized through our church at this fall’s Opportunity Fair on Sept 15.  Learn about some of the challenges and celebrations of some of our congregants.

We hope you enjoy it!

Lighted Chalice articles are should be sent to Karin at uuc@uulafayette by the 3rd Thursday of each month; September 19 for the October issue.  Please consider announcing “big rock” events two months in advance so the optimal number of people will be aware the schedule. Also, is there something you would like to see included in the newsletter, that doesn’t presently appear? Perhaps more thoughts by congregants regarding programs and events they’ve attended? A movie review? A “Youth Update” written by our young adults and children, letting us know how they experienced a Con, GA, or other event? A “Creative Writing Corner” with contributions by the Writers’ Group and others? Images taken by the UU Photography Group? Please, let your ideas and opinions be known! Send an e-mail to Karin in the office, We’re always interested in finding ways in which to bring you church news that’s informative, creative, and enjoyable to read!


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