From the Board President: November

This month, the Unitarian Universalist Church will be conducting its annual pledge drive. The success of this pledge drive determines, in large part, the financial resources that will be available for the UUC to fund its programs in the upcoming year.

Since moving to our Meridian Street home, our budget needs have grown to exceed what we can support solely through annual pledges (and fundraising events). Ordinarily, this might mean painful cuts in programming. Instead, our congregation has chosen to plan for future growth by drawing money as necessary from a separate capital fund to balance our annual budget. The goal is to grow pledge income by growing the congregation. The strategy has been working; the number of pledges and total pledge income has steadily increased. However, we have yet to completely free ourselves from drawing from the capital fund to balance our annual budget. It is critical that we accomplish this milestone, as the capital fund we have been relying on will soon be completely expended – if not by our annual budget needs, then by a roof repair or other necessary capital project. As you consider your pledge for the upcoming year, know that your support is vital in maintaining the level of programming that the Unitarian Universalist Church provides.

Best wishes,
Mark VanMeeter
President, Board of Trustees


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