December: From the Board President

Earlier this year, we received a number of recommendations from UUA Stewardship Consultant Mary Gleason. Chief among these was that the UUC needs to find ways to grow non-pledge income by making our building “work for us.” As part of this initiative, the Board of Trustees has approved a six month lease of room 106 in the office wing to member Kathy Willowoode for use as her business office. Kathy is a diet and nutrition consultant and also practices Shamanic Healing. At the beginning of December she will be moving her practice into room 106, at which time the room will no longer be available for general use. The mailbox previously located in this room has been moved into the general office and the file cabinets to room 104. Please be sure to ask Kathy about her new business endeavor.

Following the worship service on December 15th, there will be an important Congregational Meeting. At this time, a budget for 2014 will be presented to the congregation for consideration. Over the last several weeks, the Finance Committee has worked with the Board of Trustees and Stewardship Committee to draft a budget proposal that balances our fiscal resources against the costs needed to fund the programs we would like the UUC to offer next year. The proposed budget plans for a modest 5% increase in pledge income for next year. This amount is certainly achievable, but only with a successful completion to the pledge drive. Thank you to those who have already made a pledge. If you haven’t found time to return one yet, it’s not too late. Blank pledge cards are available in the church office or you can contact Laura Geiger at 838-0339.

Copies of the proposed 2014 budget will be available in the church office and will also be sent in an email to all members. It is important to note that this budget proposal plans for us to decrease our reliance on capital campaign funds considerably. This is a very positive development, made possible by growth in pledge and non-pledge income as well as careful control over expenses. Please plan to attend the Congregational Meeting on December 15th so that we can work together to best prepare for the road ahead.

Best Wishes,
Mark VanMeeter
Board President


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