Meridian Bulletin for November 29, 2013: Lighted Chalice upgrade!

We are trying a new plan for the Meridian Bulletin.  This week, Sunday happened to also be the first of the month, when we try to get the Lighted Chalice monthly newsletter out.  The combination of trying to produce an order of service (which is usually identical to the Meridian Bulletin) along with a Lighted Chalice when much of the material was similar prompted us to combine the two, and provide the Lighted Chalice  as both Meridian Bulletin and order of service insert for December 1.

We will try this experiment: each week, the order of service will have a mini-Lighted Chalice insert, a re-named Meridian Bulletin, if you like.  The last week of every month will have the more substantial Lighted Chalice, which includes the different monthly columns to which you have become accustomed.  We are still working out the format of the LC for weeks 1-3; week 4 we will post the Lighted Chalice as a pdf, as we have done all along.

As usual, please send comments to webspinner Alice Pawley and the church office administrator Karin Bergman.  We appreciate your constructive comments and suggestions as we continue to work to improve the church’s communications.

For now, here is the link to this month’s Lighted Chalice that was also provided in this morning’s order of service.


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