Under Our Roof – January 2014

  • Congratulations to Mark and Amy French. They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve!
  • Chris Garretson has a new job with Purdue and no longer need to commute to Indy everyday. Yippee! Congratulations, Chris!
  • More congratulations are in order for Joe and Dai Peters who recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this.
  • We wish Dianna and Robin Poindexter a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary—congratulations to you!
  • Healing thoughts to Chuck Reynolds who is recovering at home after a car knocked him down at a filling station. After a few stitches, bumps, bruises and a night in the hospital he is recovering nicely at home.
  • More healing thoughts to Sheila Garrett who is recovering from surgery on her knee. We hope you are back with us again soon Sheila!

Linda LeMar, Chair
Pastoral Care Group


One thought on “Under Our Roof – January 2014

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