March 2014: From the Board President

Each May, some members of the UU Board of Trustees complete their terms, creating a need for new volunteers to step forward. The process by which our congregation “renews” the board is to have a Nominating Committee to qualify and search for members who could serve in these roles. In the coming months, the Nominating Committee will be busy with this task. If asked to serve, I urge you to give it serious consideration.

If you’re thinking about attending General Assembly this summer, it’s not too soon to start planning. This year’s event takes place from June 25-29 in Providence, Rhode Island. Early registration opens March 3rd on the UUA website. Please contact me or another board member if you would be interested in serving as a delegate for our congregation.

Best Wishes,
Mark VanMeeter
President, Board of Trustees


One thought on “March 2014: From the Board President

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