March 2014: Minister’s Musings

Trudging Towards Transformation

The changes of spring are a reminder.
We are in a constant state of transformation.
As snow turns into mud, I grieve the loss of beauty.
As flowers emerge from the mud, beauty returns.
Yet, life is not simply moving from beauty to beauty.
Sometimes we are stuck in the mud.
Change is difficult.
Even positive change is difficult.
If you ever planned a wedding, you know.
There are hassles accompanying joy.
Divorce, death, and job loss are more difficult.
There is no promise of beauty on the other side of the mud.
This is where faith is needed.
What keeps us trudging through the mud?
We hope that things will get better.
Even a slightest hint is enough for the human spirit.
Often, that hope is found in the person trudging next to you.
There is camaraderie in common struggle.
Just knowing we are not alone gives us hope.
Helping one another reminds us that we still have capabilities.
If we stand still, we sink.
The mud pulls us down.
If we do not reach for help, we sink.
If we do not reach to help we are alone.
Share your hopes.
Even your wildest dreams.
Our faith may be in something as grand as God.
Our hopes may be as small as the very next moment.
Every second is a little victory.
Things will improve if we keep trudging towards transformation.

Rev. Charlie


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