Thank you for helping financially support our church!

Our church is making use of a great opportunity offers not-for-profit organizations.  When you intend to purchase things from Amazon, if you visit Amazon through this link (also on the icon above), then at no additional cost to you, Amazon provides our church a commission. So, a small percentage of whatever you spent at Amazon will go to the church, and again, at no increased cost to you. This is a great opportunity for our church to get some revenue from the purchases you may already make through Amazon.  Please contact our board president if you have questions.  And bookmark this new link to help out our church!

Pay-less logo

Filling up the gas tank? Stop at Payless and use your UU Payless Gift Card! Need to buy a gift certificate? Stop at Payless and use your UU Payless Gift Card!  Groceries? Yep, stop at Payless and use your UU Payless gift card.  3% of the value of your purchases is sent directly to our UU. It’s a great way to support the church while just doing those routine things like filling up the car.

Need a gift card? Check with Karin Bergman, Office Administrator, during the week. Each card is pre-loaded with $25 and you can buy the card for $25 with cash or check.

Can’t I just stop at the service desk at Payless to get a new one? Unfortunately, no; they have to be ordered & paid for by the church in advance. The amount on the card CAN be reloaded, however, for any amount you wish to add, at any time, for continued purchases. Please be sure to re-load your card at the beginning of your shopping trip so the computer can update your information in time for purchases made that day—this update time usually takes at least 10 minutes.


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