Director of Religious Exploration


About the DRE:

I grew up in Rockford IL, a factory town on the Rock River, but have also lived for a time in the hills of eastern Tennessee and the prairies of South Dakota. Perhaps not surprisingly, I learned new things and gained new or altered perspective in each of those places.  I currently split my time between West Lafayette and Champaign IL. 

Prior to becoming UUC’s DRE in August 2011, I worked with a wide variety of children and families as a school social worker and mental health care provider.  My volunteer work history includes teaching r.e., advising youth both at church and Camp Unistar in northern Minnesota, and serving on the r.e. committee for many years at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Urbana IL.  I also had a volunteer gig providing social work services at the Christian Health Care Clinic of Champaign County and as a Girl Scout leader.  I am grateful for all I learned from each of those experiences.

My interests include psychology, human development, health maintenance, and the experiences of other people. I take pleasure in reading really good writing, exploring new places, and hiking a trail or paddling a stream when the weather is right.  My favorite thing in the whole world to do is hang out with my family or a close friend doing anything or nothing at all… just sharing the same space and maybe a glass of wine or the last cookie. No one can make me laugh with joy and abandon like my daughter, two sons, or toddler grandson can.

Somebody somewhere once said something like, “The more you know, the more you know how little you know.”  Word.  I hope I never stop exploring and learning new things from unexpected sources. Somehow I feel pretty sure that no matter how long I live, I will never have all the answers, and when the search stops, something vital will be gone.  Come explore the questions and experience life with me at church.

🙂 Sheila

 P.S. Because I think he’s right on and I really couldn’t have said it any better myself, I invite you to read this:


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