Interest groups

Our annual interest groups are continuing in 2012 with great momentum!  If you are fairly new to the church or have decided to enhance your special interests, it’s not too late to join in the fun and get to know your fellow church members better. Please contact one of the individuals listed below if you would like to join a particular group.  If you have an idea for a new group, and would like to coordinate it, so much the better!  Thank you.

  • Book Group. This group reads a variety of different types of books and usually meets on Sunday evenings. Gale Charlotte
  • Digital Photography. This group generally meets on Sunday afternoons and members share tips and techniques. Caroline Barnhart,
  • Families with Kids. This group meets in family-friendly locations throughout the year. Josh Prokopy,
  • Feminist Book Group. This group reads books (mostly fiction) written by women authors about strong female characters. Men are welcome!  Usually meets on Friday evenings. Linda Prokopy
  • Herbs Group. This group will be focusing on medicinal herbs in 2012-2013. Lisa Pantea
  • Looking for Laughs. This group will go to funny movies, live shows, etc. Dorothy Hughes,
  • Miracle Workers. Many hands make light work. We help with a project that is too much for one person to do on their own. Kim Harden:
  • Men’s Night Out. Get together with other men to relax and make new friends. Mike Tripodi,
  • UU Movie Group. This group watches movies together at church and at local movie theaters and gathers afterwards to discuss the movies. Joan Marshall, Chuck Reynolds, or Verna Ritz
  • Outdoor Group. Join in  group outdoor outings. Activities may include hiking, canoeing, bird watching, etc. Rae Schnapp,
  • Softball Team. This team plays together during the season and meets periodically during the off-season. Mike Tripodi,
  • Quilting Bee/Fiber Arts. This group meets in room 101/103 immediately following service each second Sunday of the month. Amanda Estes,
  • Walking/Running Group: Join us after church and coffee, noonish, to walk around the West Lafayette High School track for chatting and exercising. Walkers, runners, everyone is welcome. Noemi Ybarra,

  • Women’s Night Out. Spend time with other women to chat and get to know each other better. Sherry Tripodi, Request to join Facebook page.
  • Writers Group. This group meets to share and support each other in writing endeavors. They meet the first and third Mondays at 1:30 in Room 106. Caroline Barnhart,

To join a group, please contact the person listed.

  • If you need a phone number, please contact Karin Bergman in the church office.


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