Choir director

Shellie Johnson

Shellie is a professional musician. She attended the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music for her undergraduate degree and received a Masters from the University of Maryland. Before working as the pianist and choir director for our church, she served as pianist at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. In addition to her church work, Shellie also maintains a private teaching studio for piano and voice. She has freelanced as an accompanist/musical director, and worked for many different performing arts organizations and teaching institutions. Currently, she serves as an accompanist for the Bach Chorale Children’s Choir and a Title I Instructional Assistant for the Lafayette School Corporation.

As a child, Shellie and her family moved a lot, rarely spending more than two years in any one place. She was born in Wisconsin, and lived in Chicago, Sacramento, Ohio, Washington State, Puerto Rico, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Virginia and Kentucky.

Shellie was raised in the Church of the Nazarene. While she was still in elementary school, her parents decided to visit other churches and her involvement in church life became more sporadic. Her thinking tends to be liberal. She believes that faith can be very personal, and it makes sense to her that people should be free to explore their beliefs in an environment that nurtures and respects individual spiritual journeys.

She and her husband, Steve, have three children. Elena is a junior in high school and plans to major in music. James is a fourth grader who loves science. Mollie is in kindergarten and loves school.

Over the years, Shellie has volunteered for a church-sponsored immigration service in New York City, for Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, and for an organization that provides health clinics to the un- and under-insured in Portland, Oregon. She often serves as a Spanish translator.


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