Renting space in our building

We rent out different rooms in our building for reasonable fees. This year’s fee structure is below. Contact our office administrator at to book a room.

I. Introduction

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church (UUC) encourage the use of our building by individuals and groups within the community who respect the values of our church.  The UUC affirms the inherent worth and dignity of every person and as such will deny use of space requests from any individual or group that discriminates on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, national origin, disability or age.

The UUC reserves the right to deny or refuse use of any space to any group or individual due to staff, administrative, maintenance or safety considerations.

II. Denials

Requests that are inconsistent with our mission and Seven Principles, conflict with currently scheduled activities, or impact the availability of the facility for UUC ministry will not be approved.  Requests that have potential to compromise our 501(c)(3) status will not be approved e.g. participate or intervene in any political campaign (including publishing or distributing statements) on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

III. How to schedule

Contact the UUC Administrative Assistant at 765-743-8812 for a reservation form.  The form will be reviewed by the President-Elect, Board of Trustees.  Some requests may require approval of the Board of Trustees and/or the Minister.

IV. Fees

Members may always use the building for “rites of passage” such as weddings, child dedications, funerals, memorial services and “all church” events at no charge.  For private member events a donation is encouraged based on your ability to donate.  See schedule for suggested donation based on room usage.

Reservation Payment:  a non-refundable reservation deposit may be required to have the event placed on the church calendar.  The deposit will be credited to the full fee at the time of that payment.

The damage deposit and full fee must be received three weeks prior to the event.

Fee reductions: Individuals or groups may apply for a fee reduction or waiver through the application process.  Long term use arrangements (e.g. weekly meetings) may merit a reduced rate.  The President-Elect, Board of Trustees coordinates the decision making for this process.

Donations – A person or group approved to use the building with no fee are welcomed and encouraged to make a donation to the church operating fund to help cover utility and maintenance costs.

Fee Levels Defined:

  • Level 1  Member private donation, non-profit use
  • Level 2  Non-Member Ministry use
  • Level 3  Non-Member, Non-Ministry or Member For-Profit use

V. Supervision of children

Two  adults must be present during activities involving children under the age of eighteen.  The nursery may be used with prior authorization (from the President-Elect or Minister)

VI. Use of tobacco

The use of tobacco is prohibited in the building and within 20 feet of any entrance.  Please discard of cigarette butts and packaging in a respectful manner.  Thanks!

VII. Serving alcohol

Permission must be obtained with the application process to serve alcohol.  State and federal laws must be followed regarding alcohol service and consumption.  A special permit may be required by state regulation; if so, the applicant is responsible for obtaining the appropriate approvals.  No staff or volunteer of UUC can aid in this process.

VIII. Indemnification/liability

In consideration of the applicant’s use of church space/property/grounds, the applicant agrees to pay for all damages to any property at UUC, its building and grounds, resulting directly or indirectly from the conduct of any member, officer, employee or guest of the applicant or its invitees.

Moreover, the applicant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify UUC from and against any and all liability that may be imposed upon it, for any injury to persons or property caused by the named person or organization or any other person in connection with the meeting or event.

IX. Liability insurance

Some non-UUC ministry building use may require liability insurance covering personal injury and/or property damage depending on the type of event and activities. The applicant will be notified of the requirement during the reservation process.

X. Telephones

Telephones may be used for local calls only.

XI. Candles

Candles are permitted and must be attended at all times.

XII. Audio/Visual Equipment

Audio/visual equipment may be used with prior authorization AND only when operated by an approved, trained technician.  The equipment isn’t like your home system……so please do not assume anyone can run it!  We’ve had expensive repairs due to novice use of our system….so we are quite protective of it.  Failure to adhere to the A/V requirement can result in restriction from future building use.  The Administrative Assistant (765-743-8812) can provide appropriate contact information.  See fee schedule for costs related to A/V use.

XIII. Piano

The piano may be used with prior authorization.  Our church pianist has the “right of first refusal” for events needing a pianist.  Contact the Administrative Assistant at 765-743-8812 for contact information.  See fee schedule for costs.

XIV. Borrowing church property 

Members may borrow property such as tables, chairs, easels for off premise special events as long as the property not needed for a church event.  Check for availability plus sign the property “in” and “out” with the Administrative Assistant.

Members will be expected to cover the cost of repair or replacement of  borrowed property that is damaged.

A donation to the building fund (however large or small) is always welcome for use of property!